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60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster

The consequences of data loss can offer a big trouble for many businesses by putting the company and the overall business function at the brink of insolvency. While it might be hard to value your business asset and intellectual property, still, nothing is more frustrating than seeing these consequences take toll on your company’s progress. There is nothing more devastating than losing all your developments—be it a data that outline your daily operational tasks, excel spreadsheets that contain your statistics and files for upcoming marketing budget pitch or HR queries containing your employees payroll.

Whatever your case might be, data loss is indeed a huge setback that needs not to be underestimated nor overlooked, because it always has a cost. At some point, someone is always going to start over again especially when your data was lost and there’s no way for you to recover it. Given that there’s an astronomical rise of data leaks and information breach nowadays, it is very much important that businesses or global enterprises maintain the highest level of security possible to prevent and eliminate data catastrophes.

According to certain study, 60% of companies who have lost their data center were more likely to shut down in just a short span of time due to data loss consequences. Most often, 50% of companies who has found themselves bankrupted are due to the fact that they haven’t had any data management for this the same time. According to the past surveys, approximately 25% of these companies has experienced an internal security breach in prior month, and of those companies, 20% have a worm or various incident while 15% experienced data leakage and insider fraud. The authorities have estimated that the total amount of data loss has cost such company a total of $62.7 billion, wherein most of them are likely to close 6 months after the disaster.

Data loss doesn’t just come from natural deterioration of the system, but there are also some other factors that may cause this scenario to happen. If you are one of those business owners who’s afraid to suffer from the Data Loss consequences, having a secured data backup is one of the best way to eliminate the risk that is associated to this kind of disaster. In this case, Actifile is one of the best solutions at hand. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of negative issues and uncertainties regarding the safety of your data, so to adress this problem, you must know how important a cloud base data backup software can be in maximizing your business data protection. And this is what Actifile offers to customers.

Actifile is professional and secured cloud data backup software, which helps many businesses and organizations to store and safeguard their intellectual property on their cloud, eliminating the risks of companies Data Loss.



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