Secure the use of any data
taken from any application

Actifile enables employees, contractors and business partners, to securely use corporate data taken from any application on any zero trust device.




Actifile protects data taken outside from any data source. Actifile helps you secure the usage of data you are responsible for, whether the data is taken from applications you manage, or not, such as government repositories. Actifile supports all data sources: on premise and on cloud, web portals, local apps.



Actifile supports any usage activity on data taken from any data source. Data is processed, stored and / or re – distributed, locally or to other secured and non secured repositories. Actifile reduces liability associated with this usage types, by using controls such a transparent encryption or auditing



Actifile unique small footprint technology, works on corporate and zero trust devices such BYOD. Actifile support the world of Gig Economy, empowering remote workers and subcontractors, to use sensitive data securely.

Solution Benefits

Reduces liability:

Addresses the liabilities created by data that is outside your trusted apps

Complements existing systems:

Can complement other InfoSec systems, such as DLP

Helps leverage the gig-economy:

Work securely and productively with users working outside of the organization

Helps address the insider threat:

Helps address the issue of employee data hoarding and carelessness

Solution Advantages

Zero configuration:

Just and click on data sources to discover and protect

Zero trust:

Work in unmanaged endpoints outside your secured perimeter


Actifile has no effect on the corporate and users’ way-of-doing-business

Data and application agnostic:

Works with any data taken from any application

Easy to deploy and use:

Does not require data security expertise to configure and maintain

Works independently of the network:

No dependency on network services, such as Active Directory

 How Actifile Works

Roaming laptops and BYOD present two new challenges: mixed-use (endpoints host a mix of corporate data with private employee data and/or data that belongs to another employer) and the need for network independecy. Actifile addresses these needs by:

Supports Mixed-Use:

  • Actifile differentiates corporate data from other data
  • Monitor select corporate data sources (cloud, intranet and applications) for sensitive data
  • Tracks the sensitive data as it is used by different applications
  • Inheritence function allows the protection to persist even when data is shared out-of-band

Lightweight, portable:

  • Lightweight (< 20 megabytes), easy to install and remove application
  • Always-on and at-will modes support both full and part time employment
  • Small footprint policies allow tether-less functionality (does not require AD and other directories)
  • SSO integration alleviates the need for policy writing

CISO Demanded:

  • Full tracking and reporting of data usage
  • Safe harbor encryption (AES256)
  • Built in discovery for baseline assessment
  • Archiving
  • Kill and Stay pill
  • Works side-by-side with existing DLP


Actifile: Secure PII and business sensitive data from any source, comply with GDPR and defend your firm from insider threats and cyber attacks.

Actifile Customer USE CASES

Actifile supports both IP protection as well as regulatory compliance use cases:

Community Hospital:

Community hospital has a variety of endpoints including Doctors with BYOD, departmental and administration endpoints. Due to the BYOD endpoints, DLP was deemed to be ineffective and the hospital decided to use Actifile.

As a result of installing Actifile, the community hospital was able to:

  1. Discover existing PHI on the hospital’s endpoints.
  2. Transparently encrypt all hospital related PHI on roaming endpoints (such as the BYOD Doctor endpoints)
  3. Create audits and report on PHI usage.

Financial Services Provider:

A large financial services that has an existing DLP implementation integrated Actifile. Using Actifile it was able to solve two issues:

  1. Support provisioning of laptops to their senior managers.
  2. Enable the protection of data at subcontractors (such as printers, lawyers, HR/benefits, etc.).

As a result the financial services company was able to control the data without risking scanning employee private data and/or other financial institutions’ customer data.

Global Contractor:

Construction is big business with fierce competition. With project managers traversing the globe with laptops crammed full with project data (plans, budgets, proposals, architecture plans, etc.), the risks were unacceptable. Furthermore, connectivity is not always perfect at construction sites. So relying on cloud is not an options.

By pointing Actifile to their project repository, Actifile was able to help the company protect their assets transparently – ensuring that authorized personnel were able to get their job accomplished – but in a protected manner.

Large Duty-Free Retailer:

A large duty free retailer has point of sales machines everywhere, some with network access capability.
Actifile helped the retailer’s CISO to:

  • Figure out what was on those endpoints.
  • Ensure that European customer information is protected for GDPR.
  • Ensure that the corporate information is protected.

Actifile Key features


Actifile has the features CISO’s demand:

Separation of Corporate Data from Private and other employer data

Many endpoints are mixed-use and hence have a mix of corporate data and other data (such as employee private data and other employer data). Unlike DLP, tracks corporate data separately – from its source (cloud, intranet or application) and throughout its lifecycle, ensuring data is protected but also that employee privacy is maintained.

Transparent Encryption

AES256 encryption secures the data while it is stored on the endpoint. Full tracking can be used to demonstrate compliance with various regulation, and provide for safe harbor in case the laptop is lost or stolen.

Compliance Ready Reporting

Protecting data is important – but so is being able to show how data is being tracked and protected to regulators and auditors. Actifile shows the which laptops have sensitive data, ranked by risk, and how is that data being used.

Don’t take our word
for it.

“This is the only solution that gives me peace of mind; sensitive data extracted from business applications is immediately tagged and encrypted, rendering it GDPR compliant at the source.”

Jonathan Ben Elieaser

CEO, Falcor

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