80 % and more of corporate private and sensitive data resides in  applications and systems. Users extract data from applications as part of their daily routine. As soon as the data is extracted, it becomes a compliance and security risk . Actifile Auto-Seel™ technology assure that all business application data extracted, downloaded, reported or copied is  encrypted creating an air-tight  compliant data security zone.

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Secure your PII and business sensitive data, comply with GDPR and defend your firm from insider threats and cyber attacks.

Your customer, employee  and financial data is accessible by many customer care, finance and HR employees and contractors,  at end-points through business applications like ERP and CRM and online services like banking and credit cards.

Actifile’s Auto-Seel™ technology assure that all business application data extracted, downloaded, reported or copied data is tagged and encrypted creating an air-tight GDPR compliant data security zone.

Actifile then tracks files in rest and in motion across endpoints and servers, detects anomalies in real-time, and prevents data compromising activities.

BUSINESS Applications

Actifile Data Security and Compliance Suite key benefits for organizations of all sizes

GDPR Compliance

Comply wIth Regulations

such as GDPR, PCI or HIPAA

No Boundaries

Secure your business information

Everywhere and at any Endpoint

Peace of Mind

Safeguard sensitive files from

data compromising activities


GDPR Compliance

Most of your compliance related data resides in Business applications, such as CRM for customers, ERP for Suppliers or Online Payroll application for employees. Actifile helps in two stages to discover and protect your compliance related information: First, Actifile discovers the information across your endpoints and file shares. Then, Actifile tags and secures any information extracted from these applications.

Furthermore, Privacy law and regulations, Such as EU – GDPR require tight security of sensitive PII data. One of the key guidelines of GDPR is articles 33 – 35: Data Breach Handling and notification. Organizations are instructed to notify authorities of any data breach, no later than 72 hours after the breach was discovered. In case sensitive data is encrypted, the data owner is exempt. Actifile Auto Seel teachnolgy , tags  encrypts your information at the source, thus making sure it is not exposed.

No Boundaries

Organizations are going through radical shifts in how they operate, with the move to cloud computing, the increasing use of contingent workforce and the ongoing remote work from home. These shifts are turning useless the perimeter data security solutions of today.

With Actifile, organizations can secure their business application information every application, both cloud and on premises, Furthermore, Employers can work with contractors, knowing that any data they extract from their business applications is either encrypted or either wise limited to the contractors use only.

Peace of Mind

With the increase number of data compromising activities from hackers or malicious insiders,  business information is at all time high risk. Existing data security methods or classifying content and checking outgoing traffic, or protecting the endpoint with anti- malware software, are falling short to safeguard your business applications derived information.

With Actifile such information is immediately tagged & encrypted once leaving the application, thus making sure it is fully protected at all times from thef and leakage.

Actifile Information Security Suite
Key Benefits

Tag Information

at the source

  • User data download & extracts
  • Copy & Paste or Print Screen
  • Classification and e – discovery
  • From any application, online service or file folder

Track &


  • Every file operations (save as, copy, send)
  • Operational Dashboard & Case Management
  • Anomalies analysis with Machine Learning Models

Prevent &


  • Block exfiltration via any channel (online or removable device)
  • Protect Malicious insiders or hackers
  • Control Data transport to Removable Devices
  • Organization unit setup for compartmentalization
  • Central policy system

Don’t take our word
for it.

This is the only solution that gives me peace of mind; sensitive data extracted from business applications is immediately tagged and encrypted, rendering it GDPR compliant at the source.

Jonathan Ben Elieaser

CEO, Falcor

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