Data Privacy Outside the Managed Cloud

Every organization has agile, user-driven business processes that occur outside the managed cloud. As a result, data flows between managed and unmanaged cloud applications.

Actifile is the only solution for data discovery and flow monitoring outside the Managed Clouds:
Current data privacy solutions cover only Managed Clouds and offer no coverage for data in-between clouds, or data flowing into Non-Managed Clouds.

Don’t take our word for it

“Actifile is a game changer in the way it detects and protects private data. It helps my organizations comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 700-181 and others.”

Steve Rutkovitz
CEO, Choice CyberSecurity

Actifile Features

Source Data Tracking


Whitelist Decryption


Data Risk Heatmap

Transparent Encryption for Parked Data

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Built in Regulatory Templates

Data at Rest Discovery

Cloud Based Management

Business Data Isolation


Supports All
Flavors of BYOD

Solution Advantages

Zero configuration:

Just and click on data sources to discover and protect

Zero trust:

Work in unmanaged endpoints outside your secured perimeter


Actifile has no effect on the corporate and users’ way-of-doing-business

Easy to deploy and use:

Does not require data security expertise to configure and maintain

Data and application agnostic:

Works with any data taken from any application

Works independently of the network:

No dependency on network services, such as Active Directory

How Actifile Works

Actifile tracks and manages data flows between managed and unmanaged cloud applications through zero-trust devices.

Actifile is a mini client on the device that is managed using a cloud SaaS portal.

Actifile differentiates corporate data from other data, monitors provisioned data sources (cloud, intranet and applications) for sensitive data, tracks the sensitive data as it is used by different applications on zero trust devices, and uses inheritance functionality to provide persistance even when data is shared out-of-band.

In addition, Actifile uses transparent encryption, to secure the data without changing the way the users work with the data.

Actifile simplifies data protection

Secure private and business sensitive data from any source, comply with regulations such as GDPR and defend your firm from insider threats and cyber attacks.

Actifile Customer Examples

Actifile supports both IP protection as well as regulatory compliance use cases:

Community hospital has a variety of endpoints including Doctors with BYOD, departmental and administration endpoints. Due to the BYOD endpoints, DLP was deemed to be ineffective and the hospital decided to use Actifile.

As a result of installing Actifile, the community hospital was able to:

  1. Discover existing PHI on the hospital’s endpoints.
  2. Transparently encrypt all hospital related PHI on roaming endpoints (such as the BYOD Doctor endpoints)
  3. Create audits and report on PHI usage.

A large financial services that has an existing DLP implementation integrated Actifile. Using Actifile it was able to solve two issues:

  1. Support provisioning of laptops to their senior managers.
  2. Enable the protection of data at subcontractors (such as printers, lawyers, HR/benefits, etc.).

As a result the financial services company was able to control the data without risking scanning employee private data and/or other financial institutions’ customer data.

Construction is big business with fierce competition. With project managers traversing the globe with laptops crammed full with project data (plans, budgets, proposals, architecture plans, etc.), the risks were unacceptable. Furthermore, connectivity is not always perfect at construction sites. So relying on cloud is not an options.

By pointing Actifile to their project repository, Actifile was able to help the company protect their assets transparently – ensuring that authorized personnel were able to get their job accomplished – but in a protected manner.

A large duty free retailer has point of sales machines everywhere, some with network access capability.
Actifile helped the retailer’s CISO to:

  • Figure out what was on those endpoints.
  • Ensure that European customer information is protected for GDPR.
  • Ensure that the corporate information is protected.

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