About Us

Our mission is to make Privacy Compliance accessible for organizations of all sizes

About Actifile

Actifile was founded by IT veterans who believe that data and privacy regulation are creating a growing risk to MSPs and their customers – mainly due to data that resides and moves everywhere as part of the organization’s standard business processes. Our MSP focused solution, which is based on a patent-pending technology, is designed to assist MSPs at any expertise level offer data privacy solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Actifile has its HQ in Israel and has sales reps in North America and APAC.

Leadership Team



Founder and CTO

Former COO of KCS (acquired by Malam systems)

15+ years developing and leading backup, file-sharing and data monitoring start-ups


Co-founder and CEO

Former VP Product at SAP

20+ years in key product development, sales, and business development positions


VP Customer Success and Support

Co-founder PortAuthority & Contondo  (acquired by ForcePoint and Bigtincan respectively)

18+ years experience in protecting corporate data assets such as private data, intellectual property and financial data.