protect your data, whenever it is needed locally: for BYOD, roaming desktops and 3rd parties


Monitoring and protecting data on mixed-use laptops and roaming desktops is now easy!


Actifile’s simple architecture means that deploying the full solution is as easy as installing a 14 meg app.

Isolate & Monitor

Monitor and protect only the information that belongs to your organization. Unlike DLP which will detect any data including employee and other employer data. Gauge the level of risk each endpoint creates.


Use Actifile’s built in AES256 engine to protect files stored locally.

Simple & Scalable deployment

Supporting a data protection stack on corporate laptops is difficult. They are out in the field, have intermittent connectivity to the network, and routinely strained for resources. Even more difficult is data protection on BYOD and other contingent endpoints. On top of the challenges posed by corporate endpoints- these have a mix of corporate and private data making DLP stacks risky, are based on a variety of hardware (making it hard to build an enterprise “gold” image), and remote (making enterprise products difficult to deploy manually. Actifile is an easy to deploy app and is typically either downloaded and installed by the end user or pushed out as part of employee onboarding. Once the product is installed, the operating mode (see operating modes below) and data protection policies (see defining data protection below) are pushed from the cloud management system to the endpoint. Enterprise friendly features include: full remote unlock (and backup unlock tool), key management and BYOK support, MSI, EXE and mac installers, remote wipe (kill pill),

data protection & Isolation rules

Most data protection stacks (such as DLP) depend on a repetitive process of monitoring data usage, evaluating risks and putting in remediation (compensating) controls. This process works well for mass data flows (such as corporate email), where workflows that result in massive data risks are easily grouped together and remediated.

Monitoring corporate data on BYOD and Roaming Endpoints adds a layer of complexity that is hard to address using existing stacks. Furthermore, mixed use requires an extra layer of caution – ensuring that any data monitoring is effected only on corporate data. Avoiding private employee data and data owned by other employers is important to avoid legal exposure.

Actifile’s built in support for mixed use keeps corporate information isolated and secure while ignoring private (and other employer) data. Furthermore, simple source based policies make configuring protection policies simple and does not require an iterative process (like DLP).

remediating risks

Protect files and Folders against deletion and unauthorized access at your servers and endpoints. Control data transport to removable devices or outbound channels, such as Gmail or Dropbox. Encrypt files and folders to avoid misuse.

visualize & reporting

Compliance ready reports help security administrators demonstrates that they are in control of data that resides across the organization – both internally as well as externally at remote employees and at subcontractors. Risk based reporting helps privacy and security managers evaluate the risk posed by each and every endpoint in the field and allows an evaluation of acceptable risk metrics

operating modes

Many data protection tools (such as DLP) are of a privacy concern to BYOD users as they can be used to expose private (or other employer) data to the security administration team. If the user attempts to remove or disable the data protection tools (assuming they are allowed to) – their ability to protect corporate data is incapacitated. So either privacy or security are compromised. Actifile supports both full time and session based operating modes. When session based, “Logging in” to the agent enables decryption of the protected data and makes it available to the user. Conversely, “logging out” encrypts the data (rendering it inaccessible) and disables the agent for privacy. This enables security and privacy to be maintained simultaneously.

Don’t take our word for it.

“I use Actifile to monitor my customers’ endpoints and ensure there is no data leakage occurring ” Jonathan Ben Elieaser CEO, Falcor

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