SImplifying DLP for

data protection and compliance

DIscover. visualize. remediate.

Protecting data and achieving compliance no longer requires a formidable DLP solution


Discover the data, the sources of the data and the systems and channels that utilize the data. These results can become the foundation for the simple to implement remediation policies. 


Ongoing risk analysis and reporting demonstrate what data is being used on the endpoint – and how it is being used.


Actifile allows you to remediate risk to your data and only your data. Use simple encryption to create a safe harbor for your files.


Run a risk assessment to discover what data resides on the endpoint and how the data is being used (and by which applications).

Discover regulated data using Actifile’s classification engine on endpoints and servers, using pre configured patterns for PII, HIPAA, or other sensitive files.

Map and Understand your unstructured data distribution and risks. Click on the link below to see an example of a data risk map.


Display the results using the Actifile Detailed Dashboard or using the Actifile Interactive Map. Identify potential risks and get remediation recommendations in an online report or a full offline data security and compliance report.

Unlike DLP, Actifile helps you identify the sources of the data. So instead of having to create and manage complex, DLP like classifiers, protecting data may be as easy as pointing to a data sources (such as a CRM or a medical records system).



Monitor and control file activities across your organization.

Monitor your organizational data policy. Ensure that your findings from the Diagnose phase are correct, and take action. Manage exceptions from organizational policies with intelligent case handling, enabling you to respond immediately. Preserve file activities with a full audit trail, including all modifications made to the original file by any means (save as, copy, etc.). Keep a handle on your endpoint data, ensuring, they do not contain sensitive, privileged or critical data.

Actifile is comprehesive: Protect files and Folders against deletion and unauthorized access at your servers and endpoints. Control data transport to removable devices or outbound channels, such as Gmail or Dropbox. Encrypt files and folders to avoid misuse.

Don’t take our word for it.

“I use Actifile to monitor my customers’ endpoints and ensure there is no data leakage occurring ”

Jonathan Ben Elieaser
CEO, Falcor