Taking Data Security to the Next Level
Unlike legacy DLP systems that are based on an event-driven approach and extensive ongoing rules management, Actifile allows an unique preemptive approach to data security. You can now fully automate key tasks like data risk assessments, sensitive data monitoring, and sensitive data encryption via this user-friendly and intuitive SaaS platform. Get rid of the blind spots and safeguard your data
Get Rid of All Blind Spots and Safeguard Your Sensitive Data
Traditional DLP solutions are usually content inspection tools that are intrusive in nature and come with ongoing maintenance requirements, mainly in the form of static policies that also have a negative impact on productivity. Blacklisting or whitelisting user activity are both messy processes that create a lot of friction. Actifile’s non-intrusive solution helps apply a top-down policy that eliminates Shadow IT risks and potential compliance issues, all via a centralized dashboard.
Enabling Better User Experiences
Having a lot of blacklisting going is never going to help you optimize your user experience. With Actifile, you can say goodbye to frustrated end users.
Encryption is the Best Security Policy
Even the best DLP policies need to be refreshed, revised, and updated based on new use cases. Actifile solves all of that with its one-click encryption.
Zero Downtime with Always-On Tracking
Besides being completely non-intrusive with zero impact on performance, Actifile is always doing its job in the background with 24/7 tracking and monitoring capabilities.
Short Time to Value
Short Time to
Value (TTV)
Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution
24/7 Support
24/7 Professional
Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance
Centralized Dashboard
User Friendly and UI
User Friendly and
Intuitive UI
No Impact on Performance
No Impact on
Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
Real-Time Monitoring
and Tracking
Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.