Automating Data Privacy

Until now, complying with data privacy regulations was complicated for SMBs. Regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR require businesses to conduct periodic risk assessments, control unacceptable risks and demonstrate compliance.

Actifile Guardrails is purposely built to help small organizations comply with data privacy regulations by easily producing risk assessment reports, automatically reducing data risks using transparent encryption and controlling risky data flows.

Actifile Guardrails is best delivered and managed via your MSP stack.

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How Actifile Guardrails Works

Guardrails’ small footprint agent and cloud management dashboard provides end-to-end data privacy functionality consisting of full data discovery, data flow auditing and risk remediation functions,
Guardrails produces automated risk assessment reports by using regulation templates to automatically discover and audit the flow of regulated data within and outside of the business.
With a single click, identified risks may be reduced using Guardrails transparent encryption functionality, which provides safe harbor for the data and doesn’t affect the workflows.
Further risk remediation may be achieved (if needed) by blacklisting or whitelisting risky workflows.

Don’t take our word for it

“Actifile is a game changer in the way it detects and protects private data. It helps my SMB organizations comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST 800-53 and others.”
Steve Rutkovitz CEO, Choice CyberSecurity

Actifile Guardrails Customer Examples

Actifile Guardrails supports both IP protection as well as regulatory compliance use cases:
Community Hospital
Community hospital has a variety of endpoints including Doctors with BYOD, departmental and administration endpoints. Due to HIPAA concerns the hospital and their MSP decided to use Actifile. As a result of installing Actifile, the community hospital was able to:
  1. Discover existing PHI on the hospital’s endpoints.
  2. Transparently encrypt all hospital related PHI on roaming endpoints (such as the BYOD Doctor endpoints)
  3. Create audits and report on PHI usage.
Financial Services
A financial services firm (wealth management) integrated Actifile. Using Actifile it was able to solve two issues:
  1. Support provisioning of laptops to their employees.
  2. Enable the protection of data at subcontractors (such as printers, lawyers, HR/benefits, etc.).
  3. Demonstrate compliance
As a result the financial services company was able to control the data without risking scanning employee private data and/or other financial institutions’ customer data.
Diagnostics Lab
Labs deal with large amounts of PHI. While most of it resides in the Lab Information Management System (LIMS), ad-hoc workflows routinely occur resulting in PHI being exposed. Lab management and their MSP decided to implement Actifile to understand and ultimately control this flow of information. Using Actifile the lab was able to:
  1. Run a risk assemssent to discover and audit all PHI that is outside the LIMS
  2. Evaluate the workflows and optimize that ones that result in liability
  3. Execute controls to substantially reduce the liability associated with data
Benefits Administrator
Benefits administration requires access to employee private data as well as financial information. Furthermore, it requires that the employees process this data and activate benefits with the benefits provider. Using Actifile the benefits administrator was able to:
  1. Run a risk assessment to discover PII and financial data
  2. Create a working audit of all the data at all times
  3. Provide controls that help reduce the liability associated with the data without interrupting the workflows
Construction is big business with fierce competition. With project managers traversing the globe with laptops crammed full with project data (plans, budgets, proposals, architecture plans, etc.), the risks were unacceptable. Furthermore, connectivity is not always perfect at construction sites. So relying on cloud is not an options. By pointing Actifile to their project repository, Actifile was able to help the company protect their assets transparently – ensuring that authorized personnel were able to get their job accomplished – but in a protected manner.
Duty-Free Retailer
A duty free retailer has many point of sales machines, and some with network browsing capability. Actifile helped the retailer’s IT to:
  • Figure out what was on those endpoints.
  • Ensure that European customer information is protected for GDPR.
  • Ensure that the corporate information is protected.

Solution Benefits

Easy to deploy and use:
Does not require data security expertise to configure and maintain
Holistic solution:
Solution checks all the boxes: risk assessments, auditing, risk reduction and workflow controls.
Actifile has no effect on the employees way of doing business

Actifile Features

Built in Regulatory Templates

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Data at Rest Discovery

Data Risk Heatmap

Transparent Encryption for Parked Data

Cloud Based Management

Blacklist and whitelist controls

Supports All Flavors of BYOD

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