Downloading and Deploying Actifile to Clients with Continuum RMM

Login to the Continuum Portal.

Navigate to ‘Devices’ > ‘Computers’ on the side bar menu.


  • Select the desired organization you are looking to deploy to.


  • Select Run.


  • Select Command Prompt (CMD) Script from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the desired device(s) > Continue to Setup.


Download the script from:
Paste in the Deployment Script in the Powershell Prompt Script:

At the top of the script, you will see:

Optional Replace INSTALL_KEY with your account secret key. Must be in the format 1234-1234-1234-1234.

$InstallKey = “__INSTALL_KEY__”

Replace the __INSTALL_KEY__ with your tenants install key. Note: Replace only the __INSTALL_KEY__ in the script (leave the double quotes intact).

The tenant’s InstallKey is provided to you by Actifile and can be found by navigating to the Partner Portal page. You can use the copy key button highlighted below.
IMPORTANT: Each MSP tenant account has their own unique key. Do not mix keys between accounts.

Replace the __INSTALL_KEY__ below:

  • Select Save As Custom Task (Optional) for convenience.


  • In the following window, name the task and fill in the category as desired.
  • Select Save.


 You will receive confirmation: undefined

This task will now be saved for use later on.

  • Select Continue to Scheduling to push it out onto your machine(s).


  • Select if you would like to run now, later, recurringly, or on trigger.�


  • Select Run Task


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