Important Warning(!) – Windows Update and Actifile

Actifile, when running with a driver, works in a similar fashion to an Anti Virus and other endpoint systems. It uses a driver that is managed as a mini filter component and entered to the mini filter queue (in series with AV and other filters) by the OS.

As usual with AV engines, it is highly recommended to disable when upgrading the OS to new releases (e.g. upgrade to the April 2004 Win 10 release).

To disable Actifile, it does not have to be removed. Simply run the PowerShell script Disable-Actifile.ps1 (or Kill-Actifile.ps1) before initiating the upgrade. The scripts require an elevated privilege.

Once the update to the new release is complete, run the PowerShell script Enable-Actifile.ps1.

The scripts are found under the Actifile installation directory (usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\Actifile Agent\Powershell Support Scripts).

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