Mac Agent download and installation

You can download the Mac installer and instructions from the following location:!AnGFvQ5rPFi4gd4Zf4IQFe9mO9V7XA?e=DP4OEN

It has an instruction manual on how to deploy/uninstall and the newest package.

Note: Lately, we’ve run into a particular issue where the MacOS complains that the “ file is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the trash“. Click Cancel (if you click Move to Trash have to download the file again).
This message indicates that the download is in fact quarantined by the OS.

If you open a terminal window and run: xattr ~/Downloads/
The output: shows that the file is in quarantine.

In the same terminal window running the command: xattr -cr ~/Downloads/
Will remove the quarantine flag and installation should proceed as expected.

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