Mac Agent Download and Installation

Please note that the Mac Agent is in Early Availability. No all functions are available. Please refer to the release notes in the download page for details.

You can download the latest Mac installer and instructions from the following location:!AnGFvQ5rPFi4gd4Zf4IQFe9mO9V7XA?e=DP4OEN

When downloaded from OneDrive, Catalina often marks the file as quarantined. If that happens you will get the following notice:

“” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash.

Click cancel (if you move it to the trash you will need to either undelete it – or download it again).

To verify that it is indeed quarantined open a terminal window and type:

xattr ./Downloads/

 The output: Shows that the file is in quarantine.


xattr -cr ./Downloads/

Will remove the quarantine flag from the app and it can then be installed properly. Please follow the instructions in the install manual – as it is important to provide the Actifile agent with the proper privileges so that it can discover data.

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