May 7 2020 Portal Update

With the May 7 2020 version, we changed the following functionality :

  • Partner/MSP portal: Accessing the customer portal previously required selecting a checkbox / click a button / ack and selecting risk portal. We replaced the combo with one press on the customer name. To change customer details, select the edit pen next to the name.
  • Partner customer creation: Some customers were being generated with 0 licenses, which required accessing the billing page and adding customers. This has been replaced with a default license count.
  • Partner portal: In some cases it was possible to see some general system logs. This was resolved.
  • Customers created using API: Installation menu wasn’t being displayed. This issue was resolved.
  • Partner/MSP navigation: Clicking on the risk portal (left hand menu) would revert back to partner portal. This was resolved.
  • Partner/MSP navigation: When accessing a menu, the breadcrumbs showed “risk portal” instead of customer name. This has been resolved.
  • Event audit page: Sometimes event were not showing up in event audit page. This was resolved.
  • Customers: Resolved an issue where Maps and Protection Rules menu items are missing.
  • Performance: Improved performance when accessing the data explorer.

Let us know if you have any questions and/or feedback.

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