Release Notes: 17 January 2020

Release type: General

Affected components: Cloud Application only


Over the weekend of January 18-19th 2020, a new general release was implemented which incorporated some navigation improvements and new features. The list of changes follows:

1. Navigation changes: To facilitate more intuitive navigation, the top level menus (see screenshot below) were changed. The main components are:

Risk portal - summary of the risk - this is the data that would be interesting to the business owner. It includes the risk summary, the data risks (data discovery), application risks (sources, destinations, shadow IT), device risks, and activity log tools. 
Data explorer - drill down tools - this will have more in depth file and event information, as well as search tools. It includes the data explorer, risk map, event audit, person queries (data subject requests), and the access control audit tools.
Deployment - is where the installation components including installation      (download component and install key), installed devices list, and the      compliance profile tool.
Settings - advanced setting including users, groups, monitoring settings, protection rules (classifiers and rules), general settings, company profile, billing and support. 

2. Built in reports and export – In the risk portal it is now possible to export two types of reports (see screenshot above):

PDF - this is the standard risk summary report.
Excel - this export has all the relevant information organized in tabs. This is especially useful for MSPs and MSSPs who wish to export the information for presentation in their own format and using their own template.

As always – your feedback/critique is both wanted and welcome.

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