Release notes for version 2.0.47

We are pleased to announce the GA of version 2.0.47. This is mainly a bug fix version and includes support for newer versions of the .Net framework.

  1. Installer now supports all 4.x versions of .Net (and should no longer require .Net version 3.5).
  2. Fixed errors when blocking data to some websites.
  3. Fixed error when blocking undefined processes.
  4. Fixed error that when agent failed, the agent icon multiplied in the task tray.
  5. Fixed multiple task tray entries on terminal servers.

New deployments and new agents: If you are pushing the agents out using an RMM, please ensure that you take the latest MSI from the deployment tab. Older MSIs will not install in a .Net 4.6 and 4.8 environment.

Existing users: The version will be pushed out automatically to existing users.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us and to let us know if you encounter any bugs/errors.

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