How to Manually Activate a Partner Portal

When signing up for the partner/MSP portal service, the system sends a test email to the partner. In some cases, this email may be captured by spam filters and not always recoverable. In these cases the following procedure may be used to authorize the account.

The purpose of the email is to validate the partners email. So before continuing make sure the email you used to sign up is the correct partner email. Also, remember to add the Actifile domain as a trusted domain to your spam lists or you may fail to receive system messages pertaining to your customers.

Step 1: Poll the API to get the confirmation link sent in the email. replace the user email “” with the one you used to sign up with.

Step 2: Copy the link in the response.

Step 3: Paste the link in a new browser window. If all is well you should receive an acknowledgement reply like below.

Alternatively, you can create a ticket to have the Actifile support team release the account for you, or to ask the team to delete the account (and create a new one).

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