Switching agents between tenants

The correct procedure to switch agents between tenants is to:

Remove the agents from the devices and the previous tenant:

1. Login to the Actifile portal (for the tenant which has the devices prior to removal). Make sure to disable an encryption policies from the device. Use the device risk tool to disable any encryption from the devices to be removed. Copy the agent uninstall key from the deployment tab.

2. Uninstall the agents from the devices using the previous tenant’s uninstall key.

3. In the previous tenant’s portal (as in step 1) select the Deployment Tab -> Installed Devices. Select the uninstalled devices and click delete to remove them from the previous tenant’s reports.

Installation of the devices to the new tenant:

1. Login to the Actifile portal (for the new tenant). Copy the agent install/tenant key from the Deployment tab.

2. Install the agents on the devices with the new tenant’s install/tenant key.

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