Using PDQ Deploy to deploy the Actifile Agents

Download the free version of PDQ Deploy from:

Creating a new deploy package #

In this step, we will create a 1-step script to install the agent. The free version requires the agent to be on a shared folder and allows only a single step. The licensed product allows one to push the agent out as well as to create a library of customers (e.g. to keep a index of install keys).

Type a name for the package (we recommend Actifile Agent) and create a new step:

Select an install step.

In the details pane, add the FQDN for the installer. As parameters add the quiet directive and install key (e.g. /q /installkey=1234-1234-1234-1234).

Note that it is imperative to use the correct install key for each customer!

Once finished, you will see the package in the left hand pane.

Creating a target installation list #

In this step a list of target workstations, laptops and servers that would need to install the agent. The list can be compiled manually, or using a directory.

Create a new target from Active Directory or manually (or a text file),

Deploying the agents #

Once complete, right click and select “Deploy Once”.

Validate the details and click Deploy Now.

Once deployment is complete, access the deployment page to verify that all deployments were successful. Failed installs are usually well annotated so that it is easy to resolve.

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