Using PSTools PSEXEC to deploy Actifile

Step 1: Download PSExec from

Step 2: Setup a share for PSExec – give it read-only permissions to Authenticated Users and give SYSTEM read-only. Place PSExec in the share. E.g. C:\InstallShare.

Step 3: Create list of computer names (resolvable in the domain) to push the install to in a simple text file (use a text editor like notepad). Name the file appropriately like C:\InstallShare\SoftwareInstall.txt

Example file content:

Step 4: Create a shared location on a server to house to .msi file e.g. \\ServerName\installs\softwareinstall\ Give Authenticated Users & the SYSTEM account read-only under Security.

Step 5: Place the Actifile Agent.msi install file into the server’s shared folder.

Step 6: Create a batch file to push the install out with. The -s in the batch file is for the system account to login and do the install. To create the batch, open up notepad and have the locations of the files ready to copy and paste.

“Location of the Psexec.exe file” @”Location of list file” -s msiexec.exe /i “\\ServerName\installs\softwareinstall\Actifile Agent.msi” installkey=1234-12345-ABCD-EFGH /quiet

-s is used for the system account – Giving the SYSTEM account access is so you don’t compromise any admin logins anywhere.
msiexec.exe /i is used to install msi files
/q is the quiet switch with no user interaction

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to use the correct tenant Install Key!

“C:\InstallShare\PsExec.exe” @C:\Installs\SoftwareInstall.txt -s msiexec.exe /i “\\ServerName\installs\softwareinstall\Actifile Agent.msi” installkey=1234-12345-ABCD-EFGH /quiet

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