Financial Data Security and PII Protection On Demand
Data security and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) protection are now mandatory requirements in the financial services and banking industries. Use Actifle’s cutting-edge solution to map, quantify, and encrypt all sensitive data to achieve FDIC, 23 NYCRR 500, and GDPR compliance in a matter of hours.
The Numbers Don’t Lie
A Hands-On Approach to Data Risks
Automated Data Privacy Audit
Automated Data Privacy Audit
Identify and map active and dormant sensitive data across all silos, users and endpoints, including shadow cloud infrastructure.
Risk Quantification  in Multiple Currencies
Risk Quantification in Multiple Currencies
Your Actifile report lists each vulnerability. It quantifies the potential financial liabilities for any data breach in US dollars or your local currencies.
Effective Vulnerability Remediation
Effective Vulnerability Remediation
You can immediately apply invisible encryption to sensitive data, or schedule it for delayed encryption. Stolen data becomes unreadable.
Continuous Auditing and Monitoring
Continuous Auditing and Monitoring
Centralize the control of potential data risk and gain ongoing regulatory compliance reporting and instant audit capabilities.
Actifile Finacial Services Case Study
Banking on Trust
In an industry with little room for error, one fiduciary services firm sought to streamline its security ecosystem due to a merger. In Trustwave, the firm identified a partner that provided increased visibility and industry leading expertise – including threat hunters and digital forensics.
Actifile’s solution is perfectly scalable and drives down data risk significantly with added visibility and transparency.
Actifile helps banking organizations become capable of mitigating risk and improving their overall security posture.
Actifile promotes data trust amongst customers, allowing financial service providers to build credibility as they start scaling up.
Actifile offers flexible and automated file-level contextual encryption capabilities, all with zero overhead or downtime.
Key Benefits
Short Time to Value
Short Time to
Value (TTV)
Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution
24/7 Support
24/7 Professional
Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance
Centralized Dashboard
User Friendly and UI
User Friendly and
Intuitive UI
No Impact on Performance
No Impact on
Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
Real-Time Monitoring
and Tracking
Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.