End-to-End Data Security Made Easy
Monitor all of your sensitive data via one centralized platform and encrypt it with one click. Actifile’s unique, self-served AI based data security platform quantifies all data risks, pinpoints the sensitive files and includes autonomous encryption capabilities, allowing you to adopt a proactive approach to fight off all kinds of external threats and minimize insider risks.
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Data Risk Discovery
Based on predefined privacy regulations and PII definitions, Actifile immediately scans for sensitive data using smart patterns.
Risk Quantification
Actifile then quantifies data risk per PII type in local currencies (. i.e., US dollars).
Monitoring and Auditing
Track and audit data risk in real-time by continually monitoring incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows.
Remediation by Encryption
Automatically secure sensitive data across all endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals, and shadow IT.
A New Era of Data Security
Actifile is transforming how organizations manage data security. Our simple to use next generation software is democratizing data security. We are empowering every IT manager who previously depended on data security experts, with a comprehensive, cloud-based solution.
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Scan. Encrypt. Monitor
Scan. Encrypt. Monitor
Traditional DLP vs Actifile
With DLP, you need experienced security pros, who are hard to find and hire
With Actifile, you are empowering IT and security managers to do it by themselves
With DLP, you’re looking at long and frustrating configuration tasks
With Actifile, you can go from deployment to secured data and compliance in 3 days
With DLP, your ops are platform sensitive and involve multiple integrations
With Actifile, you have a non-intrusive platform with zero maintenance needed
Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.