The Next-Gen Approach to Data Security
Actifile’s approach is unmatched in assessing data risk, proactively defending sensitive data with automatic encryption, and giving you the peace of mind that other legacy solutions can’t provide. Autonomous Data Monitoring and Encryption shapes how organizations successfully defend their most valuable assets from both external and internal threats.
Real-Time Data Risk Detection and Mitigation
Actifile is transforming how organizations manage data security. Our user-friendly and self-served software is democratizing data security. We are empowering IT managers with a comprehensive cloud-based solution that gives complete control over risk management and remediation. Your data is audited at all times, and data risk is updated to reflect changes in how much sensitive data the organization has in real-time, and your sensitive and private data is secured at all times via automatic encryption
Real-Time Data Risk Detection and Mitigation
How it Works
Actifile connects to your sanctioned applications like Office 365 and Google Workspace to gain visibility into content created and shared natively in the cloud.
There are 3 Agent versions:
  1. For workstations and laptops: Windows, MacOS and LinuxVM.
  2. For server OS: Windows and Linux
  3. For cloud-managed file repositories like Office365 (Google Workspace, Amazon S3 and others are coming soon), through standard Cloud API connectors. The agent is installed remotely on any cloud or on-premise.
Once deployed, Actifile Sentry immediately starts scanning for sensitive data at rest, according to pre-templatized or customized patterns. Additionally, the Sentry tracks the flow of data throughout as well as in and out of the organization, without the need to integrate to any application. The Sentry then calculates data risk in real-time, assigning each type of sensitive data (PII, CUI, PPI, Intellectual Property, others) risk in monetary value (USD).

Simplify data security by switching from “chatty” DLP methods, that require handling of each and every event, to preemptively encrypting each sensitive file in advance. Instead of blocking each option to exfiltrate sensitive files through any type of application, applying automatic encryption secures the file, and in the event of the file being stolen or leaked – it will not open without Actifile Sentry and the organization’s decryption key.

However, sensitive files are peppered throughout the organization, with multiple file types and file locations, and new ones are always being created. The approach has to be top-down and efficient, and this is where data risk monitoring and quantification helps greatly.

Tracking sensitive data files as they are created, downloaded or copied, then tagging them and adding them to the quantified risk classification in real time, allows for those files not only to show up-to-date data risk, but also enables them to be encrypted via 1-click action at the data risk level. All the files that are included in this data risk classification are automatically and efficiently encrypted.
Smooth, Secure, and Flexible Encryption with the Actifile Encryption Wizard
The Actifile Encryption Wizard is a proprietary interface to get the job done with just a few clicks. By leveraging the OS AES 256 standard encryption libraries, all existing and future files with the sensitive data tag are automatically encrypted. Files are decrypted from wherever they reside: on the endpoint, or a file server, or on a cloud app. There’s no need to enter usernames or passwords. The encryption is instant with zero latency.

A Unique Top Down Approach

Secure the risk types you want to automatically encrypt with this user-friendly and intuitive wizard. For example, if Actifile identified USD 2.6M for Credit Card PII across 26 file instances , 12 file types and 7 locations, the Actifile Encryption Wizard will show you how to encrypt all of them with one click.
Ransomware Protection
Insider Threats
Actifile Encryption Wizard walks you through the encryption process, highlighting how many files will be encrypted, how much data risk will be remediated with your click, and what apps will be enabled to decrypt the files. Defaults are provided for most file types like Office or PDFs, and can be customized to include more options based on your use cases and security requirements.
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Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution
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Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
Real-Time Monitoring
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Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.