Eliminate Human Errors from the Cybersecurity Equation
Actifile is helping companies of all sizes from all types of industries to minimize risk caused by people working from home, remote employees, and third-party vendors who have access to sensitive data. Unlike traditional whitelisting or blacklisting solutions with cumbersome role and permission management functionality, Actifile simply allows the one-click encryption of all sensitive files that may find their way outside the ecosystem due to the aforementioned reasons.
The Human Factor is Often the Weakest Link
Internal security training and risk assessments are helpful techniques, but remote work (work from home) and external collaborations with third-party vendors or agencies are creating countless risks. Actifile offers a proactive solution that can nullify human error by pinpointing sensitive assets, encrypting them beforehand and nullifying any potential compromise that may occur due to stolen devices,poor password hygiene, or even malicious leaking of information. Actifile is literally changing the way companies approach insider risks.
Insider Threats
Eliminating Malicious Activity Risk
There are often business insiders who specialize in leaking sensitive information and you have the obvious hacking risks. Encryption with Actifile nullifies all threats.
Negligence is a Reality, But So is Encryption
Password fatigue is a real thing. Also, with more and more B2B SaaS apps being used today, file sharing and storage are making organizations more vulnerable.
You Can’t Always Avoid Accidents
With more and more pros working from home or remotely, traditional tools simply can’t contain all risks. Automatic encryption (and decryption) solves this.
Short Time to Value
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Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution
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Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance
Centralized Dashboard
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Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
Real-Time Monitoring
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Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.