Managed Data Security Platform for MSPs

Enabling MSPs to Enter the Data Security Market

Actifile transforms how Data Security & Risk Management is offered by MSPs to their clients,
creating new revenue streams with an elevated security offering.

Our built for MPSs, simple-to-onboard and use platform allows our partners to illustrate the monetary value of current
Data Risks alongside the MSP’s existing cyber security approach, and deliver unmatched protection against potential financial loss. 

By doing so, we transform safeguarding the client’s ‘Crown Jewels’ – the sensitive data –
to a heightened level while continually demonstrating increased value to the market.

Learn How MSPs Grow with Actifile:

Actifile is creating a new equation for MSPs:

MSP x (Compliance + Data Security)= Growth!

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how any MSP can enter the Compliance and Data Security market easily, leverage a new breed of tools that are currently missing in the stack, and most importantly convert hidden Security and Compliance needs into growth in revenue streams.

Option 1 – Live Webinar:

Thursday, November 16th at 11:00 ET

Option 2 – Live Webinar:

Wednesday, November 29th at 11:00 ET

Actifile is Trusted by MSPs Globally

Streamlining and Simplifying Data Security Operations

Streamlining and Simplifying Data Security Operations
Increase Your Revenue
Increase Your Revenue
Remove all kinds of onboarding and training roadblocks to make your paying clients come back again and again.
Differentiate Yourself
Differentiate Yourself
Separate yourself from the competition with a unique value proposition and demonstrated results in multiple industries
Build Your Brand
Build Your Brand
Gain more reputation as you build your portfolio, grow your brand, and make a rapid ascend towards MSSP-status.
Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.