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why partner with actifile

When it comes to managing advanced IT infrastructure and technologies, expertise is in short supply – and budget constraints are not. As a result, customers are expected to adopt managed security services at an increasing rate in order to avoid budget shortfalls and meet the demand for security.

This emphasis on security is a windfall for MSPs, but with caveats. They must not only contend with compliance, but also scale their compliance and security policies to deal with a large influx of new customers in an economical manner.

Today’s offering: MSPs are forced to rely on standard antivirus, firewall, and backup tools – in other worse, the same data security and compliance tools in use by large enterprises. These tools aren’t designed for MSPs. They’re costly, difficult to manage, and require specialized training and attention.

Result: MSPs fail to meet customer demand, they miss upsell opportunities and they are often left in the lower part of the value chain. With no solutions for compliance issues, customers are forced to pass on MSPS and take their IT operations in-house.

Actifile Data and Security suite solve the above need for MSP’s by providing a comprehensive yet simple solution, one that is affordable, modular and flexible.

Benefits of using Actifile


Expand your solution offering with best-of-breed data security technology


Easily create additional value to your customers, with little-to-no training or installation hassle


White label or brand the solution as your own


Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


Manage your customers’ data security from a central and easy to use dashboard, across your all of your customers networks


Work with data security experts who are available for support every step of the way


Gain entry into the growing SaaS-based security technology market


Actifile is designed to help Managed Service Providers manage hundreds and thousands of servers and endpoints across multiple customer networks. One key element for enabling this requirement is the Actifile Partner Portal.

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Don’t take our word for it.

“I use Actifile to monitor my customers’ endpoints and ensure there is no data leakage occurring………”

Jonathan Ben Elieaser
CEO, Falcor