The Blue Ocean for MSP sales and basis of compliance as well as sales in the future will be focused around the DATA.

Think I am wrong? Since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella repeated the message, “All companies are software companies,” the outlook for data has changed. Instead of the software driving the machine that drives the process, the data drives the software that is the process in the modern landscape.

The vast majority of new compliance regulations do not focus on the tools in place but rather on the understanding of what is where.


  • What data is regulated?
  • Where is it stored?
  • Who has access to it?
  • When was it moved?
  • How do you protect it?

If you can answer these questions, suddenly, you have a whole new and deeper understanding of the client’s business and can have a better conversion around how they actually operate. In doing this you are also focusing on the practices and the processes that drive their business. The “ME TOO” of “does it work” becomes the “let me show you how it works.”

Guy Bavly, CEO of Actifile, enters the MSP Zone to discuss how the rules around data have changed.

With a strong understanding of the customer’s business and how their data operates, the conversation can be HYPER-RELEVANT to their business needs.

Help customers appreciate the value of their data, where it resides, and track its movement.

Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean

For most clients, DATA is their most valuable asset, and this is in many respects that they may or may not understand.

For example, their 10k client’s data. What happens if that information is stolen? How valuable is it to competitors or just in general?

Scraping high-value contacts could give someone else easy access to their whole business. The PII (personally identifiable information) of those 10k clients—how much could it be sold for? The remediation costs? Lawyers, lawsuits, damages, and paying for services to monitor and protect credit—and that is just for starters.

Then comes the bad press and the fines. The numbers start exceeding their insurance coverage fast if your customers don’t know they have a problem, it is hard to solve it…. But the MSP is EXPECTED to KNOW and WARN them BEFORE they have a problem.

This is the conversation you could have.

MSP1 Sales Pitch: “You have this security stack, this is out of date, you need a new this and that… We can do it for $$$$.”

MSP2 Sales Pitch: “You have this security stack, this is out of date, you need a new this and that… We can do it for $$$$, but I can do it (better/cheaper/faster) than that company.”

MSP3 Data-Driven Sales Pitch: “Last week we did a quick audit of your ‘data at risk,’ and we discovered that you potentially have x,xxx files that contain regulated information such as PII (personally identifiable information), credit card details, drivers license or HIPPA information as well as XXXX, XXXXX. The data resides on 21 different machines and are being accessed by 31 different users and 9 different applications.

As I am sure you are aware, You have this security stack, this is out of date, you need a new this and that… Let’s have a conversation about what makes sense for the best plan going forward to reduce your risk on many levels before it impacts your business.

The value of this and most importantly, DATA over time will change how conversations are had in the future of business and managing information. New compliance requirements such as CMMC that are 80% focused and an understanding of the what, who, when, where and why and not on access denial will ensure that. Data moves, it gets used, copied, sent to the cloud, downloaded accidentally etc. what has happened over time and what business practices have emerged around that are not only the key to understanding their business but are also a requirement of a compliance audit.

After 5 years of working with MSP’s to help them with their marketing and sales, often the feeling was they had become too commoditized. Break out of that mindset and have the conversation your client really needs you to have. While everyone else is selling widgets for dollars, you are a Partner, Advisor and Trusted Consultant who is navigating these ever changing waters with them…. Proactively.nAnd Reducing Risk!!nBecause this is an interesting question for every business.

What data on what device

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