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Why Partner with Actifile?

Join Steve Rutkovitz, CEO of Choice Cybersecurity for a walkthrough of how MSP can provide data security and compliances services to their customers, leveraging Actifile to discover and secure private and other sensitive data.

If you are selling data security and data protection products you are probably aware that your customers are facing more and more Gig Economy and BYOD scenarios. Existing DLP and data protection solutions do not work well for BYOD and Gig Economy employees. They are hard to deploy, and it is even more difficult to construct policies that differentiate between corporate data and the Gig economy employee’s personal data (or other employer data).

Actifile’s main task is to help isolate corporate from private (and other employer) data – and helps enforce policies on it. All done transparently and using virtually isolation containers (rather than cumbersome and hard to deploy and maintain enterprise containers).

Actifile works with VARs, MSP and OEMs to help deliver data protection technology to customers in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Join our partner program today and help your customers regain control of their information.



Benefits of Offering Actifile


Expand your solution offering with best-of-breed data security technology


Easily create additional value to your customers, with little-to-no training or installation hassle


White label or brand the solution as your own


Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


Manage your customers’ data security from a central and easy to use dashboard, across your all of your customers networks


Work with data security experts who are available for support every step of the way


Gain entry into the growing SaaS-based security technology market

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Risk Security and Compliance for Healthcare made easy. Now with Actifile built in.


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Choice Cybersecurity


Providing risk assessment and continuous compliance services, as well as security-as-a-service, Choice Cybersecurity supports customers directly and through MSPs and VARs.


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MobilityPro targets issues presented by mobile environments; from BYOD to legacy system integration, and proliferation of devices and operating systems. in designing cohesive solutions using best of breed products and technologies, and in servicing the needs of each of their customers on an individualized basis.

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Armour Cybersecurity


Armour Cyber holistic approach to customer’s business needs ensures that the critical assets are protected in a cost-effective manner. Armour Cyber is a Canadian cybersecurity company that provides a wide range of services and advanced technological solutions to customers around the globe.

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Diens Services


Diens ofrece a sus clientes la posibilidad de comprar nuestras soluciones y productos tecnológicos fácilmente.

Visit partner website empowers companies to protect their customer data, trust and loyalty by working with the global community of bug bounty hunters to surface their most relevant security issues. is cultivating a Bug Bounty culture and community within Asia and especially in Singapore.

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About Actifile

As companies make more use of consultants, freelancers, and contingent employment, in addition to work from home and BYOD, sensitive data is being found on more roaming endpoints. Endpoints are frequently shared with private and other employer data. This mix of data complicates any attempt to protect it.   For organization that make use of cloud applications, protecting the data at the endpoint is even more difficult, since there are no network perimeters to help protect the endpoint.

InfoSec and compliance is a well-established market. For most organizations it consists of a stack of enterprise applications including a mix of technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP), encryption services, identity management services, discovery services and other solutions.

This stack of products works well for users inside the network. For users outside the network (such as remote employees, freelancers, consultants, contingent workforce and other Gig economy employees) the stack can’t be deployed, thus creating unmanaged endpoints from an InfoSec perspective. The main reasons are:

  1. Lack of support for user devices (BYOD): These devices are shared with other employers and the employees own personal information. A Chinese wall separating the employer’s info from other information is needed.
  2. The technologies depend on network services: Due to the risk posed by their potentially infected devices and to network performance issues, transitory employees are rarely afforded access to required services.
  3. High TCO of pushing out and managing the stack: Stack systems are hard to push to and configure at endpoints (a problem usually addressed at internal employees by using a corporate image).



Actifile is designed to help Managed Service Providers manage hundreds and thousands of servers and endpoints across multiple customer networks. One key element for enabling this requirement is the Actifile Partner Portal.

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“I use Actifile to monitor my customers’ endpoints and ensure there is no data leakage occurring………”

Jonathan Ben Elieaser
CEO, Falcor