MSPs: Learn how to address your customer’s data privacy and compliance needs – and increase your revenues and profits in the process.    

If you are an MSP selling security products you are probably aware that your customers are facing more and more data privacy regulations and scrutiny. This presents a unique opportunity for MSPs to align strategically to their customers’ needs while presenting opportunities for increased revenues.

Actifile’s technology helps MSPs by automating the process of conducting data privacy risk-assessments and automates safe-harbor risk-reducing encryption. All managed using a multi-tenant, MSP friendly dashboard.

Join our 14-day free trial today and help your customers address their data-privacy concerns.

How to Offer Actifile to MSP Customers

Join industry experts like 7FigureMSP’s Chris Wiser, CCS’s Steve Rutkovitz,
and Egnyte’s Charles “Chip” Bieler for discussions on
how your MSP can increase revenues by taking advantage of new opportunities
around data security, privacy and compliance that your customers need.

Learn about the data privacy liability for MSPs with 7 Figure MSPs Chris Wiser and Actifile CEO Guy Bavly

Learn how to exploit the pitfalls of "Regular" IT Risk Assessments w/7FigureMSPs' Chris Wiser and Guy Bavly

Learn about Selling Data Risk Assessments with RPM's Mark Smith and CCS's Steve Rutkovitz

Learn about Work From Home (WFH) Security Risks and Opportunities for MSP - w/Egnyte, CCS and Actifile

Key Takeaways


Expand your solution offering with best-of-breed data security technology


Easily create additional value to your customers, with little-to-no training or installation hassle


White label or brand the solution as your own


Leverage substantial up-sell and cross-sell opportunities


Manage your customers’ Data Privacy controls from a centralized and easy to use dashboard, across your all of your customers’ networks


Work with Data Privacy experts who are available for support every step of the way


Gain entry into the growing SaaS-based Data Privacy technology market

Solution Overview and Benefits for MSPs

(~7min video)

Don’t take our word for it. Some MSP quotes:

“Started using Actifile and I love it. Very powerful tool…”

“I used it yesterday to close a deal with existing client moving them to our full stack and flat fee..”

“I Just wanted to let you know that I’ve used Actifile on about half of our current clients and 3 new prospects, and the information that it’s gathering is invaluable in the sales meetings I’m having..”

“It’s a great product and we’re thrilled with the end results…”