Your Data Privacy Risk Platform

Holistic. Automated. Real-time. SaaS based platform built for Cloud Centric Organizations.

Risk Assessment

Get full visibility into your data privacy risks.

Does my organization have a sensitive data problem?

How much and what type pf sensitive data do we store?

Actifile inspects your devices for data and delivers the answers within hours.

Risk Monitoring

Track risk development and remediation over time.

Is your data privacy risk growing?

How is your sensitive data being used?

Actifile automatically monitors and alerts as risks evolve. Monitors the use of data and third party applications against your data privacy policies.

Risk Remediation

Protect data by using encryption

Is it proving hard to clean up excess data?

Must keep data for business or compliance purposes?

Use AES256 to encrypt sensitive data. File level encryption protects the data even if malware or ransomware accesses the files.