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Looking for periodic risk assessments?  Or to offer risk monitoring and/or remediation services? Our products range answers the requirements of most MSP use cases.

Risk Assessment

Data privacy risk assessments provide MSPs with information about what data, and how much of it, each of their accounts have. It is designed to fit the MSPs base stack as a low-cost, quick and easy to use tool.

The results of the risk assessment are reports that the MSP can use to provide to their accounts, and serve as a baseline for determining security and compliance requirements.


  • Offering differentiation
  • Account acquisition
  • Verification of risk during onboarding (hygiene)
  • Periodic reporting (e.g. quarterly or annual)
  • Provide more complete risk assessment


  • Data at rest discovery
  • Data in use (application)
  • Summary reports

Risk Monitoring

Designed to be an additional, value added stack solution, risk monitoring tracks the risk level 24/7, helping the MSP deliver a service that warns the accounts when their risk exceeds certain thresholds (e.g. insurance caps).

Furthermore, logging the risk helps customers show auditors that the customer is aware of and tracks activities associated with data.

The risk monitored by the system also includes tracking data to applications, both local and remote. This is important to identify external caches of data, as well as to ensure that compliance needs are met (e.g. a HIPAA covered entity must sign a BAA if it shares PHI with 3rd parties.


  • Value added service logs risk over time
  • Logs address “non-negligence” in audits
  • Helps keep risk at bay
  • Prevents unexpected surprises (e.g. an unnecessary export of data).

Features (in addition to the risk assessment features):

  • Audit log
  • Risk history
  • Data explorer
  • Device risk
  • Mail alerts

Risk Remediation

Designed to address excessive risks for accounts that find it hard to clean up data (or must keep the data around for business or archival purposes).
Risk Remediation uses AES256 to encrypt sensitive data. File level encryption leaves files encrypted if malware or ransomware accesses the files. On-the-fly decryption decrypts the files automatically throughout the organization when accessed with known applications.


  • AES256 for safe harbor
  • Delayed encryption minimizes effect on workflows
  • Keeps encryption intact in case of ransomware
  • Simple on-the-fly decryption organization-wide
  • Configurable decryption channels

Features (in addition to all risk monitoring features):

  • Lightweight DLP Blocking
  • Encryption
  • Time delay encryption
  • On-the-fly decryption

How Actifile Works

Actifile’s small footprint agent and cloud management dashboard provides end-to-end data privacy solution including risk assessment, monitoring and remediation functions.

Actifile produces automated risk assessment reports by using regulation templates to automatically discover data and audit the flow of the data within and outside of the business.

With a single click, excessive risks may be remediated using Actifile’s transparent encryption functionality, which provides safe harbor for the data and doesn’t affect the workflows.

Actifile Benefits

Easy to deploy and use:
Holistic solution:

RMM friendly, multi-tenant solution does not require data security expertise to configure and maintain

Solution checks all the boxes: risk assessments, auditing, risk reduction and workflow controls.
Actifile has no effect on the employees way of doing business

Actifile Features

Actifile provides a comprehensive solution to data discovery / protection and regulatory compliance needs

Built in Regulatory Templates

Risk Dashboard and Reporting

Data at Rest Discovery

Data Risk Heatmap

Transparent Encryption for Parked Data

Multi-Tenant Cloud Based Management

Blacklist and whitelist controls

Supports All
Flavors of BYOD