Ongoing Ransomware Protection for Reduced Risk
Actifile is a unique, comprehensive, and autonomous data security platform that is transforming how organizations secure their sensitive data. Unlike legacy DLP systems that are based on an event-driven approach and extensive ongoing rules management, Actifile automates data risk assessments, ongoing sensitive data monitoring, and sensitive data encryption via its user-friendly and intuitive SaaS platform.
Switching to a Smart and Automated Approach to Combat Cybercrime
Actifile’s automated file mapping and invisible data encryption capabilities means that the attack surface is significantly reduced. Even if the data is stolen by hackers or malicious groups, it’s completely worthless thanks to our FIPS1-42 validated data encryption solution. This inherited advantage is unique to Actifile and it is far more effective than traditional solutions that focus mainly on monitoring activity, with alerts being sent out only if and when anomalies are detected.
Ransomware Protection
Automate Cybersecurity Operations
You no longer need to track user activity, analyze audit logs, and deal with brand damage after attacks. The stolen data just isn’t worth anything when fully encrypted.
Zero Impact on Performance
There is no downtime with Actifile’s non-intrusive solution, nor does the encryption affect day-to-day activities. Productivity is not hampered in any way.
Relies too much on content inspection
Relying entirely on content analysis, DLP tools don’t accurately identify important data. They also generate false positive alerts that waste the time of analysts.
Short Time to Value
Short Time to
Value (TTV)
Comprehensive Solution
Comprehensive Solution
24/7 Support
24/7 Professional
Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance
Centralized Dashboard
User Friendly and UI
User Friendly and
Intuitive UI
No Impact on Performance
No Impact on
Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking
Real-Time Monitoring
and Tracking
Scan, Encrypt, Monitor. It’s That Easy.