Sensitive data files left unguarded, whether from oversight, insufficient security measures, or lack of knowledge, stand as potential disasters on the horizon with outcomes that can be profoundly damaging and expensive.

Your Data’s Weakest Link Might Be Its Visibility

Ever wondered what sensitive data to protect and where they are stored? 

Adding traditional Cybersecurity locks and fences, such as Firewalls and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), is not enough to protect your data, nor more employee education. 

By leveraging Actifile’s game-changing Data Security Platform, you can quickly identify and protect sensitive files across the organization, where traditional Cybersecurity falls short in complete data protection. 


Actifile – The Missing Part in Your Traditional Cybersecurity Stack

Actifile’s Data Security Platform was built to monitor all of the sensitive data via one centralized platform so you can: 


  • Ensure compliance with data and privacy standards and regulations.
  • Minimizes data breach risks – whether from ransomware or insider threats.
  • Offers crucial forensic evidence post a breach.

How it Works?

Actifile eliminates the risk through real-time monitoring and protection of sensitive data files:

  • It identifies the sensitive data at risk and displays who can access these high-value assets.
  • Quantifies potential financial implications and aligns with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Alerts on data usage anomalies in real-time. 
  • Fortifies against external (like ransomware) and internal threats with preemptive file-level encryption and supplies post-breach forensic evidence.

Smart. Intuitive. Cost-effective.
Actiflile reduces the maximum Data Risk without changing how people work; it was built to leave complexity out of the equation by transparently deploying its client and protecting the data.
Once deployed, quick time to ROI and very low maintenance is ensured. 

When 95% of data breaches result from human mistakes or ill-intentioned actions, typical cybersecurity falls short.  Make Actifile your primary weapon of defense.